Actors headshots – what you need to know

Hi, I’m Alex Winn – I’m a professional photographer who specialises in actors headshots in London. I’m based in the artistic community of Trinity Buoy Wharf close to Canary Wharf. As one of the premier headshot photographers in London, I am genuinely interested in creating great photographs that represent you professionally.

I believe it’s very important that you feel comfortable in front of the camera so I don’t rush you through the session. We normally start off with a chat and a cup of tea so I can understand what you want to achieve and the kinds of roles and characters you’re playing. If you’ve already got a set of headshots, we can talk about how they have been working for you and if there are specific improvements that you’d like to make. I take time to listen to your requirements, to ensure you are relaxed and can develop a good connection with the camera.

Why are actors headshots important?

Quite simply, your headshot is often the single most important investment you can make as an actor. It’s usually the first thing a casting director will see and of course, first impressions count! Equally, casting directors are busy people who will see a lot of headshots before deciding who to invite for an audition. Your actors headshot must therefore stand out as much as possible and get their attention immediately. Once you’ve made that initial connection, you have a much better chance of getting an invitation to attend an audition.

What makes a good actors headshot?

A good actors headshot is one that captures a true likeness of you and your characteristics in the best way possible. It also needs to be an accurate reflection of how you will look if you’re invited for an audition. Embrace who you are and all of your defining characteristics because casting directors will expect to see this. If your headshot makes you look ten years younger than you appear in real life, you will be wasting their time and yours. The technical aspects are also equally important of course. It needs to be a high quality image that is carefully composed, properly focused and well lit.

Actors headshots – studio versus natural daylight

Normally I will photograph you first in the studio and then outdoors in natural daylight. Photographing headshots in the studio uses some subtle aspects that mimic a theatrical environment. Headshots taken outdoors can often provide a more cinematic look that’s more in line with film and television.

There’s no right or wrong here, but agents and casting directors often seem to favour headshots taken in natural daylight. It certainly has a magical quality that often creates a feeling of openness and honesty in a photograph. I believe it’s therefore important that you have the option of headshots both indoors in the studio and outdoors in daylight.

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Actors headshots testimonials

  • I am so pleased I decided to go to Alex Winn for my latest set of actors headshots. Not only was Alex extremely welcoming and friendly, but his commitment to meeting my own particular headshot requirements was fantastic. With Alex's helpful tips and regular reviewing of the shots throughout the session, I've ended up with an outstanding set of headshot photos. I would recommend him without hesitation. –Dan Gaisford (actor)

  • My shoot with Alex was amazing. I am very impressed with my new headshots and would certainly recommend him to any other actors looking for a headshot photographer. He really worked hard to make sure that I got the images that I needed and my agent was very happy with them too. Overall the session was fantastic and I would definitely use Alex again!–Kamara Bacchus (actress)

  • Alex was professional and at the same time very approachable. He made the shoot easy and fun and I am delighted with the results. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends for their headshots and will return to him myself in future. If you are looking for great quality shots at a very reasonable price, whether you are a first-timer or looking for a change, look no further.–David Alexander (actor)

  • It was my first experience of taking headshots. Alex was really professional and friendly and take time to explain the process to me as well as taking few test shots for me to understand how my face looks in different angles which was very useful. Its was a great experience with nice headshots as a result.–Raha Rahbari (actress)

  • Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the session and learnt a lot about getting the right shots. I felt very comfortable and had a lot of fun trying out different looks. The final images are great and I would defiantly recommend you to actors.–Maia Watkins (actress)

  • Alex is a fantastic photographer and a really nice guy. He took time to explain everything thoroughly before the session so that we could get the best out of the shoot. Allowing me to look at the photos during the shoot was also really useful. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone considering getting new headshots. I only wish I'd gone to him sooner!–Ingrid Miller (actress)


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